Fly line backing- 30lb orange

Fly line backing- 30lb orange

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A very strong fly line backing that has a very thin diameter with a nice waxy coating that nails knots extremely well. Dragonfly offers this backing in 20 or 30lb and in three colours.

Dragonfly Fly Line Backing Orange / 20 lb - 100 yds

SF Braided Fly Fishing Trout Line Backing Line 30LB 100m/108yds Orange-N, Fishing Line - Canada

Cabela’s Prestige Fly Line Backing - Cabelas - CABELA'S - Backing

Backing Line Braided Fly Line 20/30LB 100/300Yards Orange for Trout Fly Line

Buy RIO Mainstream Trout Fly Line WF7F Lemon Green online at

Maxcatch Braided Fly Line Backing For Fly Fishing 20/30lb

30 lb Braided Dacron Fly Line Backing 500 Yards Bright Orange

Piscifun Fly Line Backing, Braided Fly Backing Line with Orange, White, Fluorescent Yellow Color, 20lb, 30lb,100yd, 300yd Fluorescent Yellow/Black 20lb/100yd

HERCULES Fly Line Backing